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REDEEM POINTS For Your Skincare Purchases

For Every Dollar Spent on Skincare Products, You Receive 5 POINTS!

$1 = 5 Points


Contact Information

2121 Eisenhower Ave, Ste 302, Alexandria, VA 22314  

By Appointment Only

` Items Eligible to Redeem

1500 Points Each

- Brave Rose Candle Melt 2.5 oz


2000 Points Each

- Image Skincare ORMEDIC Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex 

- Image Skincare ORMEDIC Sheer Pink Lip Enhancement Complex


3000 Points Each

- Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Cleanser

- Image Skincare The MAX Cleanser

- Lira Clinical BIO Enzyme Cleanser

- Lira Clinical MYSTIQUE iLuminating Cleanser

- Lira Clinical PRO Exfoliating Cleanser


4000 Points Each

- Image Skincare PREVENTION+ daily protection moisturizer SPF 50

- Image Skincare PREVENTION+ daily hydrating moisturizer SPF 30+

- Image Skincare IMAGE MD restoring daily defense moisturizer SPF 50


5000 Points Each

- Lira Clinical Cosmetic Bag & Anti-Aging/Firming Essentials


iS Clinical Body Complex & YOUTH Body Serum

Terms & Conditions

- Points are earned from skincare product purchases only

- Tax dollars on purchases do not accumulate points

- Points do not have any cash value and cannot be redeemed for any skin care services

- Points must be redeemed in-store at Brave Skin Remedy

- Points cannot be transferred to another account or combined with other accounts

- Once points are redeemed they are automatically subtracted from your account

- Redeemed items cannot be returned for cash

Offer includes retail-sized products from Image Skincare and

Lira Clinical Only


Products in the Lira Cosmetic Bag are sample sizes

Brave Skin Remedy, LLC holds the right to change

Terms & Conditions at any time

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